December 1, 2023

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7 Best Lululemon Leggings, According To Women’s Health Editors

two pairs of lululemon grey and black high rise leggings


When it comes to the best activewear, Lululemon reigns supreme—especially when it comes to their leggings. Between the buttery soft fabrics and stylish celeb-loved silhouettes, most other activewear brands seem to pale in comparison once you give one of Lululemon’s leggings a try. And, nobody knows this better than yours truly—your favorite editors at Women’s Health.

Let me be real with you. For years, I wasn’t sure Lululemon was actually worth the hype—till my work wives convinced me to give them a try. Take it from an ex-nonbeliever. These leggings have totally converted me from a skeptic in to a loyal fan.

The editors at Women’s Health—from our runners to our yogis and cycle class lovers—are constantly testing out the best leggings out there (it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it). And no matter how many leggings all of us try, one iconic brand name constantly comes back up: Lululemon.

Aside from the brand’s cult-favorite Align tights (FYI, they have pockets now!), which are universally loved by the majority of our staff, there are Lulu leggings that can comfortably optimize pretty much any one of your workouts (or WFH outfits). From the uber-stretchy Instill leggings for your most seamless sun salutations yet to the chafe-proof Wunder Under leggings our marathon-training editors swear by, your activewear wardrobe isn’t actually complete till it’s got a few Lululemon leggings in it.

See below for the seven best Lululemon leggings, according to Women’s Health editors—you’ll want to snag a few.

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Best Lululemon Leggings Overall

Instill High-Rise Tights



The four-way stretch on the Instill tights makes these my personal favorite pick for yoga classes, and the fabric is also the softest I’ve ever felt on my skin. 

Editor’s review: “My latest favorite! They say they’re made for yoga but I do everything in them. The main reason is simply that they’re soooo soft to the touch.” –Jacqueline Andriakos, health and fitness director


Best Lululemon Leggings With Hidden Pockets

All The Right Places High-Rise Cropped Tights



Designed for running and training, these leggings are made with a seamless Luxtreme fabric to be low friction, but several of our editors also love these for the hidden pocket.

Editor’s review: “The deep hidden pocket is right in the waistband, so it’s perfect for storing away my small essentials whether I’m heading to a workout or running errands.” –Jasmine Gomez, associate lifestyle editor


Best Lululemon Leggings For Spin Class

Align Crop Tights



This list wouldn’t even count if the Align tights weren’t mentioned at least once. The iconic leggings have a serious cult following for a reason. Between the buttery soft, sweat-wicking fabric and trendy high-rise fit, there’s nothing not to love. 

Editor’s review: “I’m pretty sweaty in general, and these wick sweat really well while being super soft. Plus, they stay put unlike other leggings. I love the cropped pair for spin classes!” -Maridel Reyes, deputy digital editor


Best Lululemon Leggings For Pockets

Align High Rise Tights With Pockets



Pockets lovers are in good company—Women’s Health executive editor Abigail Cuffey was a devoted fan of the OG Align leggings for years till they came out with their pocketed cousin last year. Now she’s a convert. 


Best Lululemon Leggings For Comfort

Fast and Free Tights



Technically these were designed for running, but because they’re made with Lululemon’s weightless Nulux fabric, they work for pretty much any time you want to prioritize comfort.

Editor’s review: “These are my absolute favorite for running and walking because it has side pockets to hold my phone, keys, and any other essentials I might need. They’re also my go-to travel pants since they’re super comfortable and lightweight.” -Lindsay Geller, senior love and life editor


Best Chafe-Proof Lululemon Leggings

Wunder Under High-Rise Crop Leggings



Designed to stand the test of time (and countless hours on the mat/sidewalk), the Wunder Under tights have been loved by marathoner and Women’s Health editorial assistant Madeline Howard for years.

Editor’s review: “I love the buttery material of these leggings. They feel soft and flexible on my skin while I workout (AKA, no chaffing) and really last forever. I prefer the cropped option because I like my legs to feel ~ free ~, and unconstricted when I exercise.”


Best Lululemon Biker Shorts

Align Biker Shorts 6″



I know, I know. Technically these aren’t leggings (unless you want to call them really cropped leggings). But, their biker shorts are so stylish and comfortable that they had to be mentioned.

Editor’s review: “I call these the Goldilocks of shorts. I owned 5-inch and 8-inch bike shorts and neither of those were right for me, but these 6-inch ones are perfect. I have big thighs that touch, so finding a length that doesn’t ride up and annoy me can be hard.” -Amanda Lucci, deputy editor of content strategy

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