February 26, 2024

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Beatrice Dixon Is Changing the Way We Discuss Women’s Health

The Honey Pot Co. founder is working to remove the stigma around discussing vaginal health freely. 

Photo courtesy of The Honey Pot Co.

The way we talk about women’s health has changed a lot in recent years, and we have entrepreneurs like Beatrice Dixon to thank for that. While it might once have been seen as taboo to discuss vaginal health freely, leaders like Dixon have helped to normalize it, encouraging women not to suffer in silence.  

Even though Dixon launched her company, The Honey Pot Co., in 2014, her story started well before that. For almost a year, Dixon had been battling bacterial vaginosis, looking on message boards and scouring the internet for help. She was unable to find a solution, until one night her grandmother, whom she had never met in life, visited her in a dream with a very specific message. That message was a list of ingredients. Dixon listened to her grandmother and, compiling the all-natural components, was able to create her own cure. Even though she had no entrepreneurial experience, Dixon knew that she needed to share her new discovery. Now, that list her grandmother provided is the baseline for all of The Honey Pot Co.’s products, which are stocked in just about every major retailer in the United States. 

Vaginal health is no different than any other kind of medical issue. “The thing is, when your stomach is acting up, you talk about that. If your arm is broken, you’re going to go fix that. when you need glasses, you’re going to go to the eye doctor…If something’s going on with your vagina you should definitely speak up. There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Dixon told Worth when we caught up with her in September. It’s advocates like Dixon who are able to change the way we discuss and treat common issues that were once considered taboo, moving us forward toward a more inclusive and open-minded future. 

Dixon has worked hard to build inclusivity into her brand. “Honey Pot stands for helping humans to free themselves up, specifically around their health and wellness journey,” she said. “Honey Pot also wants to be the brand that helps you get to a better place so that you can accept where you are within yourself so that at some point in your life you can make your body the way you want it. We could be the brand that can show you how to take care of that vagina, if you ever take on that journey to change your body and get it to be the way that you want it to be.” Supporting all humans with vaginas is an issue close to Dixon’s heart and is reflected through her and the company’s philanthropic work. 

Dixon has generated a brand that values the normalization of talking about vaginal health, inclusivity, self-love and giving back. Her company works with and invests in several foundations committed to supporting people and mothers—such as The Alaffia Foundation. The Honey Pot Co. passionately supports The Alaffia Foundation’s Maternal Health Project, a program aiming to reduce maternal death rates during childbirth in sub-saharan West Africa. This project works with the Togolese Health Clinic System to fund full pre-and postnatal care (including special and urgent needs), as well as providing training on women’s health issues, including nutrition, preventing female genital mutilation and more.