February 28, 2024

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Lubbock experts talk COVID-19 vaccine concerns in women’s health town hall

Female health professionals served as panelists for a COVID-19 town hall Thursday at Citizens Tower.

Local physicians discussed the COVID-19 vaccines as they pertain to women’s health during a women’s health town hall late last week at Lubbock’s Citizens Tower.

The City of Lubbock co-hosted this town hall event Thursday with Covenant Health, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and UMC Health System.  

The panelists included OBGYN’s, pulmonologists, pediatricians and psychiatrists who answered questions from the public and provided self-testimonies.  

Community members had submitted questions prior to the townhall, expressing their concerns for vaccines in new moms, fertility, vaccines in pregnancy, mental health and postpartum depression, and why the vaccine is important. 

During the town hall, new moms asked about babies receiving any immunity against COVID-19 if a mother becomes vaccinated while breastfeeding or during pregnancy.