September 24, 2023

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RAMS Kitchen to add wheels to bring Gastonia NC residents healthy food

Donyel Barber, Marcus Cyprian and David Fogarty work together to provide healthy food options through the Gaston County North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

The Highland neighborhood in west Gastonia has lacked a grocery keep for many years, but there are steps being taken to lessen foods shortage in the neighborhood.

In May, Donyel Barber served to make a food kitchen area in the food items-scarce location, known as RAMS kitchen, an acronym for Definitely Awesome Meals with Soul.

Barber, a member of Gastonia City Council, hopes to expand the nutritious sources of the kitchen area by opening a foodstuff truck in January 2022.

“The City Council has been doing the job on attracting a grocery retailer to the place for many yrs but we won’t be able to power a enterprise into the area,” claimed Barber. 

Some grocery keep chains might not place stores in sure communities simply because the neighborhood will not meet a distinct median earnings, Barber stated.