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The best fitness deals right now: Theragun, Peloton, and more

The best fitness deals right now: Theragun, Peloton, and more

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If you’re planning to jumpstart your workout routine this spring, you’ll need the right equipment and accessories. To help you reach your 2023 fitness goals, we’ve compiled the best New Year’s fitness deals on home gym equipment, activewear, fitness trackers and more.

Top products in this article:

Theragun Pro, $499 (reduced from $599)

Original Peloton Bike, $1,245 (regularly $1,445)

Amazon Halo View, $80

We’ve found the perfect fitness deals for people who want to kick their outdoor workouts up a notch, transform their living room into a home gym, easily workout while working from home or want the latest and greatest Apple Watch. We’ve found home gym essentials from Best Buy, Amazon and more of your favorite retailers to help you build your home gym and start a new workout routine in 2023.

The best massage gun deals

Shop the best Theragun deals. Select Theragun devices are on sale now. 

Theragun Pro: $499


Best Buy

Theragun Pro is a professional-grade device constructed for physical therapists, trainers and other professionals, but it’s also great for athletes, however amateur. Like the Theragun Elite, it is equipped with an OLED screen and a customizable speed range of 1,750 to 2,400 PPMs (percussions per minute) with three presets. However, instead of 40 pounds of force, the Pro boasts 60 and is the only model with an adjustable arm, allowing for easier use.

The Theragun Pro comes with six attachments: a dampener, standard ball, wedge, thumb, cone and super soft tip. A two-year warranty (compared with just one with the less expensive models) makes it more appealing for anyone who might use the gadget daily. 

Theragun Pro, $499 (reduced from $599)

Theragun Elite: $297

Theragun Elite


The Theragun Elite is really simple to use — you control the intensity of the massage via an up or down press of a button and by varying the pressure you apply on your muscle. (We recommend, from first-hand experience, starting with a lighter touch.) The triangular design makes it really easy to reach all areas of your body on your own, at just the right angles — even those otherwise hard-to-reach spots on your back. It includes five attachments — a dampener, standard ball, thumb, cone and wedge.

It’s a high-end splurge, to be sure, but trust us — you’ll wind up getting a lot of use out of this massage gun once you know how good it makes you feel after a session.

The best price on the white Theragun Elite is direct through Therabody — you’ll save more than $100. You’ll get the best price on the black Theragun Elite at Amazon, where it’s on sale for $20 off.

Theragun Elite, $297 (regularly $399)

Theragun Prime: $258


Theragun Store via Amazon

Prime is Theragun’s most basic, standard-sized model, with up to 30 pounds of force. It also offers a five-speed range with customizable speed through the Theragun app and weighs 2.2 pounds. It’s also equipped with four attachments: dampener, standard ball, thumb and cone. 

This model is quite user-friendly and will suit the needs of the average person suffering from muscle soreness, tightness and pain.

Theragun Prime, $258 (regularly $299)

Theragun Mini: $199

Theragun mini


The second generation Theragun Mini weighs just 1.43 pounds. It offers 20 pounds of force and three speeds — 1,750; 2,100 and 2,400 PPMs. While the three standard-size Theragun models are Bluetooth enabled, the mini is not. The Mini may not replace the need for a full-size, full-powered massage gun, but it is a great supplementary option for anyone who travels often or wants to bring a massage gun to the gym.

The Mini is covered under a one-year warranty.

Theragun Mini (second generation), $199

Want to save some extra money? Amazon has the first generation Theragun Mini at a lower price.

Theragun Mini (first generation), $144 (reduced from $199)

Hyperice Hypervolt 2: $229

Hypervolt 2


This updated version of the original Hypervolt is lighter, more powerful and has a newly designed handle. It has three speeds and five head attachments, and promises to be super quiet. It works with the Bluetooth-connected Hyperice app. It’s lighter than the Theragun Elite, at 1.8 pounds.

“This little gem is great right after a run for easing some of the stiffness,” shared one Amazon reviewer. “I also like to use it right before going to bed — it seems to keep me from having quite so much stiffness in my quads and glutes in the morning.”

Hyperice Hypervolt 2, $229 (reduced from $299)

Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2: $129



The Hypervolt Go 2 boasts 40 watts of power, two head attachments and three speeds. Its main selling point is its extreme portability – its lack of heft is meant to literally keep you on the go.

“I was gifted a full size Hypervolt which I use regularly for my legs after runs. When I travel and do runs away from home, I surely miss my massage gun. So I purchased the Hypervolt Go 2,” wrote a verified purchaser on Amazon. “It charges quickly and is quiet. It  will definitely be a good traveling companion for races that are away from home. ”

Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2, $129 (reduced from $199) 

Turonic GM5 massage gun: $115



This Turonic massage gun features a 4.6-star rating with reviewers praising the massager’s long battery life, ease of use, and ability to provide relief to tight muscles. The massage gun offers 5 intensity modes and comes with 7 replaceable massage heads for a customizable massage experience.

One Amazon reviewer noted that the Turonic GM5 offers a “really good variety in intensity between the different levels. I use it to recover from running. It’s great for relieving pain/soreness in calves and feet.”

Turonic GM5 massage gun, $115 (reduced from $180)

Flyby F1Pro deep tissue percussion massage gun for athletes: $71



The Flyby F1Pro massage gun offers 3 speed settings and 6 interchangeable heads. It is quiet and lightweight, weighing only 1.8 lbs. This high performance massager features a high-impact brushless motor that offers speeds up to 3200 rpm and up to 50lbs of pressure, It’s great for relieving soreness and muscle tension after a serious workout.

“If you are not looking to spend a fortune on the TheraGun, the FlyBy is just for you,” shares one verified buyer on Amazon. “It has many different heads to put on the massager for different areas of your body. I personally have shoulder and foot pain, and it relieves the pain about 85-90{6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161}.”

Flyby F1Pro deep tissue percussion massage gun for athletes, $71 after coupon (reduced from $140)

The best stationary bike deals

We’ve found stationary bikes that suit a wide variety of budgets. Shop bikes from Peloton, Schwinn and more. 

The Peloton Bike: $1,245

Original Peloton Bike


Clip into a Peloton Bike for a cycling workout like no other. This small-space-friendly bike features delta-compatible pedals, a resistance knob for manual control, a two-channel, rear-facing stereo speaker system with 16W of total power, 10-point multitouch touchscreen, USB micro port, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 5MP front-facing camera, built-in microphone and volume buttons.

A Peloton All-Access Membership ($44 monthly) must be purchased separately to access Peloton content on your Bike. Membership offers unlimited access to Peloton’s entire library of content available on your new Bike and through the Peloton App. 

Original Peloton Bike, $1,245 (regularly $1,445)

Schwinn indoor cycling bike: $999



This indoor cycling  bike is compatible with popular third-party cycling apps, like Peloton and Zwift. It features a full-color, backlit LCD console that monitors your heart rate, speed, time, distance and calories burned while cycling. It also has an adjustable race-style seat and dual-link foot pedals with toe cages and clips for a secure ride.

Schwinn Fitness indoor cycling bike, $999 (reduced from $1,199)

Schwinn Fitness IC3: $699

Peloton alternative: Schwinn Fitness IC3 exercise bike


This bike with a tablet holder has an LCD console, Bluetooth capability and a 40-pound flywheel. It tracks RPMs, heart rate, calories, time and distance. Try it with the Peloton app.

Schwinn Fitness IC3, $699 (reduced from $799)

Yosuda indoor cycling bike: $200

Peloton alternative: YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Yosuda via Amazon

This stationary bike has a belt-driven system for a smooth and quiet ride, an adjustable non-slip handlebar and a tablet holder. Its LCD monitor tracks time, speed, distance and calories burned. There is a water bottle holder and wheels on the bike, so that it can easily be moved.

Yosuda indoor cycling bike, $200 after coupon (reduced from $440)

Sunny Health & Fitness indoor exercise bike: $295

Peloton alternative: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness

This spin bike has a weighted flywheel and quiet belt drive system. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars, plus a water bottle holder. Stream your workout on your TV or a laptop in front of you, or invest in a tablet holder for this bike’s handlebars, as it doesn’t come with a tablet or workout streaming subscription.

Sunny Health & Fitness indoor exercise bike, $295 (reduced from $399)

The best rowing machine deals

Rowing has become the hot new fitness trend. Shake up your fitness routine in 2023 with a new rower for your home gym.

Hydrow Rower: $2,495

Hydrow Rowing Machine

Best Buy

The Hydrow rowing machine features an adjustable 22-inch HD screen, an aluminum and steel frame and a customizable footbed. The Hydrow Rower fits heights up to a 36-inch inseam and weights up to 375 pounds. Rated 4.8 stars at Best Buy.

Learn more about the Hydrow rower, here.

Hydrow Rower, $2,495

Hydrow Wave Rower: $1,895 and up



Hydrow Wave, the Hydrow Rower’s small-space-suitable successor features a 16-inch HD screen, stainless steel seat track, durable polymer frame and an adjustable footbed. Despite its smaller size, the Hydrow Wave also fits heights up to a 36-inch inseam and weights up to 375 pounds. 

Hydrow Wave rowing machine, $1,895

Echelon Sport exercise rower: $397



The Echelon sport exercise rower features 32 levels of magnetic resistance and a built-in tablet holder (up to 12.9 inches). It easily folds up when not in use for easy storage.

The Echelon Sport exercise rower includes a 30-day free trial membership to Echelon Premiere, with more than 40 daily live and 15,000 on-demand fitness classes. (Echelon Premiere costs $34.99 per month after that; membership is not required to use the rower.)  

Echelon Sport exercise rower, $397 (reduced from $597)

The best treadmill deals

If the weather outside is frightful, you might as well workout inside where it’s warm. We’ve found treadmill deals that suit a variety of budgets.

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill: $699 and up

NordicTrack T series 6.5 S treadmill


The NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill is equipped with one-touch, zero to 10 percent incline control, can reach speeds of up to 10 mph, and be folded up into the frame for storage. It has a 300-pound capacity.

“Precise and well-crafted, the unit smoothly folds upright to reduce the footprint in my living space,” reviewer Morgan Powers says. “The console immediately synced with my home Wi-Fi. Graphics/audio on the 10-inch monitor are crystal clear.”

The treadmill is available in two varieties: one with a five-inch display screen; and, one with a 10-inch display screen. 

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill (5″ inch display screen), $699

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 S treadmill (10″ inch display screen), $999

Redliro under desk treadmill: $319



Consider this under-desk treadmill if you work from home and want to get more movement into your daily routine. This motorized walking and jogging treadmill offers 12 preset exercise modes as well as the option to manually adjust the setting for your perfect workout. 

Redliro under desk treadmill, $319 after coupon (reduced from $480)

WalkingPad C2 Mini foldable walking treadmill: $550



Know someone who works from home and doesn’t have a ton of space? This mini walking treadmill is the perfect size to slide under a standing desk. When it’s not in use, this fitness machine can be folded to almost half its size for easy storage. 

Choose from five colors.

WalkingPad C2 Mini foldable walking treadmill, $550 (regularly $600)

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 walking treadmill: $550

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 walking treadmill


The T7643 walking treadmill by Sunny Health & Fitness boasts a 19.5-inch-wide surface for walking or running, and an above-average weight capacity of 350 pounds. It’s equipped with two bottle holders, and a space for your tablet or phone.

A good fit for speed walkers and light joggers, the T7643 walking treadmill can reach speeds up to 6 mph. The built-in digital monitor displays your burned calories, speed and distance covered. The treadmill’s deck can be folded into the frame. Plus, it’s on sale right now on Amazon! 

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 walking treadmill, $550 (reduced from $770)

Goplus 2-in-1 Superfit folding treadmill: $350

Goplus 2 in 1 folding treadmill


The 2-in-1 Superfit treadmill can be used as a traditional treadmill capable of reaching speeds of up to 7.5 mph, or folded down and used as a walking treadmill that will max out at 2.5 mph. The sturdy frame and shock-absorbing, multi-layer design will keep your workout quiet and comfortable.

The 2-in-1 Superfit treadmill would make a great addition to any home office for the remote worker trying to get in their steps between (or even during) meetings. Just add a standing desk into the mix, and you’re good to go.

Available in seven colors. Prices vary by color. The price listed below is for the blue model.

Goplus 2 in 1 Superfit folding treadmill (blue), $350 (reduced from $500)

Runow folding treadmill: $580

RUNOW Folding Treadmill


This folding treadmill has three incline options and an LED monitor that tracks your speed, distance, calories burned, time and pulse. It has a shock-absorbing system that protects your knees and ankles and takes only 15 minutes to assemble.

Runow folding treadmill, $580 (reduced from $700)

The best health and workout supplement deals

Step up your nutrition in the new year with these deals on top-rated supplements.

Bloom Nutrition green superfood powder: $24



This popular greens supplement is 40 percent off for New Years. Get more greens into your diet in 2023 with this probiotic-packed superfood powder. It can be used to make smoothies or juice blends. 

Bloom Nutrition green superfood powder, $24 (reduced from $40)

Optimum Nutrition whey protein powder: $65



If one of your 2023 goals is to build muscle you’ll need a good protein powder. Right now, you can get this best-selling whey protein powder on sale on Amazon.

Optimum Nutrition whey protein powder, $65 (reduced from $86)

Garden of Life vegan sport protein powder: $40



If you prefer plant-based protein, check out this deal on Garden of Life vegan protein powder. It’s made with pea protein, fruits and veggies, lentils and other plant-based high-protein ingredients. The powder has 30 grams of protein per serving and comes in two flavors; chocolate and vanilla.

Garden of Life vegan sport protein powder, $40 (reduced from $55)

Kinderlyte advanced electrolyte powder: $23



Replenishing your electrolytes after working out (or going to a New Years’ party) is important. If you’ve been sweating at the gym, you need to replenish your electrolytes such as sodium and potassium for proper post-workout recovery

Kinderlyte electrolyte powder, from Jessica Biel’s company Kinderfarms, provides advanced hydration without artificial sweeteners or colors. It also has significantly less sugar than traditional sports drinks.

Kinderlyte advanced electrolyte powder, $23 (reduced from $25)

Cure hydrating electrolyte variety pack: $20



If you want to try out some new electrolyte flavors, check out this deal on the Cure electrolyte variety pack. It comes with 12 hyrdatrion packets in flavors watermelon, orange, lime and berry.

Cure hydrating electrolyte variety pack: $20 after coupon (reduced from $25) 

The best wearable fitness tracker deals

Track your fitness goals this year with a top-rated wearable. Shop smart watches and smart jewelry from Oura, Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and more.

Oura Ring Gen3: $349



The Oura Ring tracks how well you sleep, your daily movement and heart rate, can help set health goals, take you through guided meditations and more. This small wearable can sync your health and workout data from your favorite apps through Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava and Natural Cycles.

Available in two styles and five metal finishes. 

Oura Ring Gen3, $349

Whoop: $20 and up per month



Whoop is designed to help you track your health habits including sleep, workouts and recovery. With the Whoop device and compatible mobile app, you can receive insights as to what to do to improve your recovery and health scores for a healthier and happier 2023.

A membership subscription is required. Whoop currently offers memberships for $20-$30 per month depending on commitment length. The standard Whoop band is included with membership.

Whoop, $20 and up per month

Apple Watch Series 8: $329 and up



Apple Watch Series 8, the latest addition to the Apple Watch lineup, features the new S8 chip for improved performance. It also includes an always-on display and new watch face options. The Apple Watch 8 will has a larger battery than previous models: Battery life can be extended to 36 hours when in low-power mode. The Apple Watch 8 features a durable design and is swim-proof, dust-proof and crack-resistant. 

The Apple Watch 8 has a number of health-tracking features, including an optical heart sensor, electrical heart sensor for ECG, blood oxygen sensor and a new body temperature sensor.

The Apple Watch 8 is available in 41mm and 45mm sizing options. Shoppers can choose between stainless steel or aluminum casing and several different colors. 

Apple Watch 8 GPS (41mm), $329 (reduced from $399)

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS (45mm), $338 (regularly $429)

Apple Watch SE (1st generation): $199

Apple Watch SE


The Apple Watch SE, the most affordable model in the Apple Watch lineup, is even more affordable now with this deal at Walmart. The smartwatch offers a 40mm screen and boasts a wide range of health and fitness features. It can also be used to play music, check your tests and make calls when paired with your iPhone.

Apple Watch SE GPS (1st generation), $199 (reduced from $279)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: $280 and up



The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is an upgrade from the popular Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It features 10W smart-charging capabilities, a notable upgrade from the slower 5W charging offered by the prior model. It also offers an advanced workout algorithm and sleep tracking technology.

The Galaxy Watch 5 features an advanced bioactive sensor that collects more accurate data. This data can be managed and tracked in the Samsung Health app.

This is the first time that Samsung is offering its sapphire glass on its non-premium smartwatch options. (Sapphire glass isn’t actually glass. It is a ceramic that mimics the transparency of glass and offers more durability.)

Like prior Galaxy Watch models, the Galaxy Watch 5 is available in 40mm and 44mm display sizes. It is also available in five colors. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, $280 and up

Amazfit Bip U: $45



A water-resistant, budget-friendly alternative to the Apple Watch, and compatible with both Android and iOS, the Amazfit Bip U boasts a longer battery life—up to nine days per charge—and a variety of activity tracking options. 

Measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing, sleep quality and even stress levels. Women can track periods and get reminders when it’s almost that time of the month. 

Amazfit Bip U, $45 (reduced from $60)

Amazon Halo View: $50



Released in late 2021, the slender, Alexa-enabled Amazon Halo View measures heart rate, activity, sleep and even blood-oxygen levels. It also offers connectability to popular health apps, such as Headspace and Bettersleep, as well as connectivity to your phone. It also boasts a seven-day battery life.  

Another added bonus? Each watch comes with a 12-month membership subscription with access to workout and programs. After the trial period, it auto-renews at $4 per month. 

Amazon Halo View, $50 (reduced from $80)

Fitbit Charge 5: $130



The latest incarnation of the popular Charge line from Fitbit, this well-equipped activity and health tracker packs advanced technology into a slender device and features a color touchscreen. The smartphone-enabled device helps you manage stress and stay on top of heart health and sleep. 

Android users can even respond to text messages.

Fitbit Charge 5, $130 (reduced from $180)

Fitbit Inspire 2: $57



A budget-friendly, no-frills Fitbit that gets the job done, this easy-to-use, entry-level activity and sleep tracker offers a whopping 10-day battery life, various exercise modes, and 24/7 heart rate tracking. New subscribers receive a one-year, free trial of Fitbit Premium. 

Available in three colors (black, lunar white and desert rose) and with multiple accessory options. 

Fitbit Inspire 2, $57 (reduced from $100)

Garmin Vivoactive 4: $200


Garmin Store via Amazon

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 with a 45mm case is 45{6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161} off right now at Amazon. This Garmin smartwatch uses Garmin’s Pulse Ox technology to track your energy levels, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, heart rate, hydration levels and more. It can stream downloaded music from Spotify and Amazon Music. When paired with your smartphone, the watch can receive incoming notifications.   

This Garmin smartwatch features more than 20 preloaded GPS and indoor-sports apps. Want a personal trainer on your wrist? This watch can show you animated workouts via your watch screen.   

Available in a variety of colors. The price listed below is for the black watch.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 (black), $200 (reduced from $330)

The best workout shoes and activewear deals

Complement any fitness gift with some top-rated workout wear. Shop our top-rated sneaker and athleisure picks. 

Colorfulkoala high-waisted tie-dye leggings: $30 and up

Colorfulkoala Women's High Rise Tie Dye Leggings


Reviewers rave about Colorfulkoala’s Lululemon Align-lookalike leggings (and they’re Essentials bestsellers). The tie-dye option, which comes in six colorways, is currently on sale. These leggings have a seamless waistband with a hidden pocket.

“I cannot get enough of Colorfulkoala,” an Amazon reviewer says. “I can’t stop buying them! They are so comfy, fit so great and are cheap! They’re squatproof and cute to wear out. I almost don’t want to share how good these are because I hate when they sell out!”

Colorfulkoala high-waisted tie-dye leggings, $30 (reduced from $35)

ThirdLove Kinectic performance pocket leggings: $19 and up



These ThirdLove Kinectic performance pocket leggings are great for running, HIIT classes, cardio boxing and other cardio activities. Made with dry-feel performance fabric and a lightly compressive fit, these leggings provide the perfect balance between performance and comfort. They feature drop-in leg pocket and a sweat-wicking performance fabric that still feels comfy enough to lounge around in.

ThirdLove Kinectic performance pocket leggings (teal), $19 and up (reduced from $74)

EleVen by Venus Williams Divine legging: $76


EleVen by Venus Williams

These leggings are super stretchy and soft. They feature a moisture-wicking fabric that moves sweat to the fabric’s outer surface to leave you comfortable and dry throughout your workout.

EleVen by Venus Williams Divine legging, $76 (reduced from $108)

Outdoor Voices Freeform 7/8 high waist leggings: $69 and up


Outdoor Voices

These popular leggings are made with a supersoft knit fabric and feature a high-rise fold over waistband for unrestricted comfort during yoga. They are designed for low to medium-sweat workouts like yoga and pilates. Select colors are on sale.

Outdoor Voices Freeform 7/8 high waist leggings, $69 and up (reduced from $88)

Year of Ours Veronica ribbed leggings: $49 and up



The Veronica ribbed leggings from Year of Ours feature a lightweight, ribbed activewear jersey material and a stylish cross-over waistband. The fabric is moisture-wicking for maximum dryness and provides just the right amount of stretch.

Year of Ours Veronica ribbed leggings, $49 and up (reduced from $125)

Bandier All Access Center Stage high-waisted leggings



These Bandier workout leggings are made with silky-smooth compression fabric and feature a double layer elastic waistband to keep your leggings in place while you’re moving around.

“These high-waisted Center Stage leggings are perfect for both working out and lounging around.” wrote one verified buyer. “They hold up for long runs, yoga, hit training, etc. They also shape your legs nicely.”

These leggings come in two fabric options; All Motion and sport rib. All Motion is a high-compression, quick-drying fabric. Sport rib is a ribbed stretchy quick-drying fabric. You can also choose from capri, mid-rise, high waist and high waist with a pocket.

Bandier All Access Center Stage high-waisted leggings, $91 (reduced from $130)

You can also complete the look with a matching bra.

Bandier Front Row sports bra, $80 

Athleta Elation Train 7/8 workout tight: $60



These Athleta leggings are designed for medium-to-high-impact workouts at the gym or outdoors. They’re made of recycled SuperSonic fabric with supportive compression. They also feature back drop-in pockets to hold your phone or essentials at the gym.

Athleta Elation Train 7/8 workout tight, $60 and up (reduced from $80)

Under Armour men’s HeatGear compression long-sleeve T-shirt: $26 and up


Under Armour via Amazon

This long-sleeve is made with Under Armour’s super-light HeatGear fabric which delivers superior coverage (keeps you warm) without weighing you down.

Choose from 22 colors. Sizes run from XS to 4X in select colors. 

Under Armour men’s HeatGear compression long-sleeve T-shirt, $16 and up (regularly $35)

Athleta Keys Elation rib short: $30



While it’s cold outside, it can get pretty warm in your home gym while you’re working up a sweat. As such, a good pair of work are a must-have this year for all of your home workouts or gym sessions. Thankfully, these top-rated ribbed shorts from the Athleta x Alicia Keys collection are on sale now.

Athleta Keys Elation rib short, $30 (reduced from $69)

Adidas Powerlift 4: $80

Adidas Powerlift 4


The Powerlift 4 shoes from Adidas are designed specifically for weightlifting, with a high-density, die-cut midsole and an intentionally snug fit for maximum stability. The non-slip outsole and adjustable hook-and-loop strap will help you feel more secure while you lift.

“Brilliant fit, true to size,” raved a reviewer. “The benefit of these shoes is you’re able keep balance super well on squat and they force you to push with your heel resulting in much better form and less risk of injury.”

Men’s Adidas Powerlift 4, $80 (reduced from $100)

Hoka Clifton 8: $112



Hoka’s Clifton 8 running shoes boast a streamlined silhouette, breathable mesh upper and foam midsole for extra cushioning while pounding the pavement. With a 4.5-star rating (out of more than 1,000 reviews) on the Hoka site, it’s no wonder the Clifton 8 is one of the brand’s bestselling shoes. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

“This is my second pair of Hokas and I really like them. They are comfortable and provide a lot of cushion. I am in the medical field and always on my feet. These provide great cushioning and I feel great at the end of the day,” a reviewer wrote. “I have another pair that I use for exercise and they are perfect for long walks or runs.”

Women’s Hoka Clifton 8, $112 (reduced from $140)

Men’s Hoka Clifton 8, $112 (reduced from $140)

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38: $73



Nike’s popular Pegasus shoes first came out in 1983. They continue to be one of the brand’s top selling shoes. Described as a “workhorse with wings,” Nike’s latest design iteration of the Pegasus shoe offers cushioned support, durability and breathability.

“Originally bought this shoe for training/running and [it] has been an incredibly comfortable and durable light shoe,” a reviewer raved. “One of the only shoes that has been reliable for me.”

Whether you’re aiming for long distance on the trail or sprinting on the track, the Air Zoom Pegasus is a reliable running shoe — and it’s currently on sale. Available in men’s and women’s sizes. 

Women’s Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38, $73 (reduced from $120)

Brooks Ghost 15: $140


Brooks Running

Avid runners love the Ghost, one of the most popular sneaker styles from Brooks. The latest version, the Ghost 15, offers ample cushioning for a soft, smooth ride from start to finish and features an updated midsole that reacts to your unique stride and provides smooth transitions. 

They are available on Amazon with Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy feature, so you can try these shoes out for 7 days for free before buying them to make sure that they are the right fit for you.

Women’s Brooks Ghost 15, $140

Brooks Glycerin 20: $134 and up


Brooks Running

The Glycerin 20 feature Brooks’ super soft nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning for maximum comfort while running. They feature a breathable mesh upper and a redesigned outsole for a smooth ride when running. 

This is one of Brooks Running’s most popular styles due to its comfort and durability.

Select colors and sizes are on sale now at Amazon. Pricing varies.

Brooks Glycerin 20, $134 and up (reduced from $160)

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III: $137 and up



The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III running shoes are meant to allow your feet to move in the most natural way possible while running. They simulate the barefoot running experience while still providing grip and protection for your feet.

“I have noticed significant differences in my posture and mobility since wearing these shoes.” wrote one Amazon reviewer “They are also so light and comfortable to wear all day long.”

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III, $137 and up

FitFlop Vitamin FF: $105



The FitFlop Vitamin FF shoes features a Neodynamic midsole with high-rebound and impact-reducing cushioning. In addition, the sport sneaker include a springy central carbon plate, that propels you forward and smoothes out movements while running. These are great for casual runners that want a shoe that they can run in, walk in, or wear to the store. 

FitFlop Vitamin FF, $105 (reduced from $150)

Under Armour Hovr Phantom 3 Storm: $140


Under Armour

These Under Armour running shoes feature a water-repelling material that is great for running in the winter with rain or wet terrain. The Hovr Phantom Storm 3s feature ultra-comfortable plush cushioning and an external heel counter for added stability. The responsive  UA Hovr cushioning reduces impact and helps propel you forward. 

Under Armour Hovr Phantom 3 Storm, $140 (reduced from $160)

The best fitness subscription deals

Give the gift of a boutique workout experience. Check out the best fitness subscription gift ideas from Obé, ClassPass, Alo Moves and so much more.

Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness

Strive for five (workouts per week) with Obé Fitness. As the company’s mantra encourages, finding the inspiration to work out often is extra easy with Obé’s collection of more than 6,000 on-demand classes, plus 22 daily classes available via livestream. The virtual fitness subscription service offers a wide range of workout sessions, from dance, yoga and Pilates to equipment-based classes such as cycling, bounce (indoor trampoline) and foam rolling. Class lengths vary anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, making it easy to fit in a workout around any schedule.

The benefits to Obé Fitness include the already existent bank of on-demand classes; the affordable monthly subscription cost; and the convenience of workout classes you can take in your living room. The overall neon-meets-pastel, ’80s-inspired aesthetic of every class is an added bonus, alongside the reportedly peppy and optimistic workout instructors.

An Obé Fitness subscription starts at $25 a month, but if you prefer, you can pay annually for $170 (roughly $14 a month). You can also try Obé Fitness free for seven days. 

Access classes via the Obé Fitness app, or stream them through your Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, FireTV, Airplay or a simple HDMI and laptop set-up.

Obé Fitness, $17 per month and up



Grave Rivera/ClassPass

If in-person fitness classes are more your speed, ClassPass could be for you. A ClassPass membership has four tiers available at various price points, and each tier allots a certain number of monthly credits to redeem for fitness and wellness activities in your area. Credits can apply to range of activities, from cycling classes to cryotherapy sessions. While in-person classes are clearly the focus of ClassPass, credits can also apply to virtual sessions, and a membership grants access to more than 4,000 free, on-demand online workouts.

The benefits to a ClassPass subscription include the flexibility and variety that comes with a credit system: change your fitness routine every month if you like. Going through a busy month? You can roll up to 10 credits into the next month and make up for lost time later. And if you travel frequently but don’t want to skip your workout, ClassPass offers services in cities across the country (and even some internationally) so you can take your credits on the road.

The cost of a ClassPass membership can vary slightly based on your location, but costs for the lowest plan start at $19 monthly for eight credits, and can go as high as $199 for 100 credits. Right now, you can also get up to 20 credits to try for one month free.

ClassPass, $15 per month and up

Future Fitness

Future Fitness

Future Fitness

Future Fitness is a wellness app that goes beyond on-demand fitness classes — although there are plenty of those included. When you sign up, you’ll be matched with a fitness expert to serve as your digital personal trainer, who will work with you to create a custom fitness plan that fits your goals, needs and schedule.

Once you’re matched with your trainer, you’ll receive weekly workout plans, along with daily check-ins, motivation quotes and critiques or guidance based on the data your trainer observes from your workout. Future works exclusively with an Apple Watch to collect your fitness data, but if you don’t have the latest Series 7, or any Apple Watch for that matter, Future will loan you one free of charge with a refundable deposit.

A subscription to Future Fitness will run you $149 monthly, but you can try your first month for $19.

Future Fitness, $149 per month

Alo Moves

Alo Moves

Alo Moves

This subscription-based fitness app comes from — you may have guessed it — Alo Yoga. The maker of popular yoga-friendly clothing and workout gear, Alo Yoga also has a fitness app that is, of course, focused on yoga, offering vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, and restorative classes. But Alo Moves also boasts a range of other on-demand workouts, such as HIIT (high-intensity interval training), barre and Pilates, as well as mindfulness sessions that include breath training and sound baths.

When you first sign up with Alo Moves, you can take a short quiz to help the app make workout recommendations based on your fitness level and goals. You can also search for classes yourself and filter by instructor, style, difficulty, intensity, and duration. Classes can last anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes, and are taught by one of more than 70 Alo-apparel-clad instructors, often in picturesque locations. On-demand classes are accessible on nearly any device, from a smartphone to an Apple TV. Live classes are only accessible via desktop or laptop computer right now.

Beyond beautiful backdrops and a wide range of class options, Alo Moves isn’t doing anything groundbreaking in the world of fitness apps. But if you’re an aspiring yogi or already love the brand’s apparel and workout gear, then this app is definitely worth trying out.

Alo Moves usually costs $20 monthly, or $200 annually. You can also try a 14-day free trial.

Alo Moves, $99 per year (or $20 per month)

Apple Fitness Plus

Senior woman exercising at home

Marko Geber / Getty Images

Apple enthusiasts, and people who strive to close their daily rings, will appreciate the limited, but still solid, workout offerings of Apple Fitness+. This app works with your Apple Watch and streams workout classes to iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs, so if you’re already outfitted with Apple’s latest tech, incorporating Apple Fitness into your life should be no sweat.

The fitness subscription offers nearly 2,000 studio-style classes across 11 exercise categories, including HIIT, yoga, core, strength, treadmill, cycling, rowing, dance, Pilates, meditation and mindful cooldown. As you participate in classes, your Apple Watch will track your progress with metrics such as heart rate, calories burned and time elapsed, as well as close your activity rings accordingly.

Apple Fitness+ costs $10 monthly, or $80 annually. Right now, Apple offers three months of Fitness+ free when you purchase an Apple Watch. You can also try the premium fitness subscription free for one month if you already own an Apple Watch.

Apple Fitness+, $80 per year (or $10 per month)

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