March 31, 2023

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‘The Last of Us’ spotlights menstrual cups. But what are they?

‘The Last of Us’ spotlights menstrual cups. But what are they?


Menstruation is a truth of existence, but have you at any time puzzled how you’d deal with it in an apocalypse? Luckily for us for us, the hit HBO show “The Final of Us” has the answer: a menstrual cup.

In the hottest episode, “Kin,” Pedro Pascal’s character, Joel, is reunited with his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna), with teenager Ellie – performed by Bella Ramsey – in tow. Joel and Ellie invest some time with Tommy and his associate Maria (Rutina Wesley), who lays out important provides for any zombie-dodging woman – garments and a menstrual cup. (HBO, like CNN, is a device of Warner Bros. Discovery.)

Just like a tampon, a menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina all through menstruation. But somewhat than absorbing the blood like a tampon, the clinical-quality-silicone cup collects it. The cup kinds a seal all around the cervix to protect against leakage, Gareth Nye, senior lecturer in physiology and maternal health and fitness expert at Chester Professional medical University in England, explained to CNN on Monday.

The cup has a stem underneath that aids with insertion and removal. When it is full, it can be emptied right into the bathroom. The cup is then rinsed or wiped with bathroom paper ahead of getting reinserted. It need to be presented a deeper cleanse concerning durations.

A menstrual cup can go up to 12 hrs right before staying emptied (relying on how hefty the menstrual stream is and the variety of cup) and can past up to 10 yrs. Nye states this helps make it a greater alternative from both of those an environmental and a financial position of see.

Menstrual cups are not a new creation – in fact, they have been all-around due to the fact the 1930s.

But a 2019 assessment revealed in the clinical journal The Lancet General public Overall health found that that only 30% of the observed 69 intercontinental internet sites providing components on puberty mentioned them a an possibility.

“It’s a deficiency of education and learning,” said Dr. Shirin Lakhani, a previous general practitioner, now a beauty medical professional and women’s sexual overall health expert centered in Kent, southeast England.

Talking to CNN on Monday, Lakhani stated we belong to a “throwaway culture,” wherever if something like a sanitary solution is reusable, it isn’t considered hygienic.

“I assume a lot more education is required all over that in schools” on their added benefits and how to use them, she additional.

Nye acknowledged that there were being some downsides to using a cup, these types of as the “steep” discovering curve on figuring out the “right match,” the likely messiness, and squeamishness about dealing with blood. But there is also even now a “taboo” that makes it tough to explore substitute items.

“When you converse about women’s wellbeing, it’s all the stigma associated with it – you’re taught to be humiliated,” Lakhani defined.

The everyday reference to menstruation in a hit present like “The Very last of Us” is a stage to breaking this “taboo” about conversing about the monthly cycle expert by 1.8 billion women of all ages, a lot more than a fifth of the world’s population.

Recalling how at higher college she would sneak a tampon or pad up her sleeve to steer clear of it currently being observed, Lakhani stated “increasing awareness opens up the conversation” about periods and the alternate sanitary products and solutions accessible.

It can also aid individuals such as single dads, who require to know how to aid their daughters when they start out to have durations, she included.

In accordance to the 2019 assessment, menstrual cups are secure and powerful, as perfectly as featuring a lessen-charge and useful resource-conserving resolution.

Penelope Phillips-Howard, a professor of public health epidemiology at the Liverpool College of Tropical Medication who was the senior creator of the investigation, informed CNN that menstrual cups can be section of a wider option.

“In any impoverished set of situation be it in Liverpool, or London, or any place in very low-middle-cash flow nations around the world, individuals seriously battle – gals and girls actually battle to be able to deal with their menstruation,” she explained.

In a environment moving ever more away from one-use merchandise, menstrual cups could make a significant variance.