May 22, 2024

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Masters of Health

Who will rescue the health sector?

FROM each and every indicator the Nigerian wellbeing sector is visibly ailing underneath the current administration. In addition to primary the combat to keep the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, amid the world’s lowest in phrases of prevalence and effect, the basic angle of this regime to that all-essential sector is that of abandonment tinged with oppressive antics.

Health and fitness is prosperity. Each individual realistic and smart governing administration will regard the good standing of its health sector as a priority. But in Nigeria, successive leaders at federal, point out and neighborhood federal government concentrations have disregarded this component even even though it is at the heart of the welfare of the regular persons who queue up to vote politicians into electricity.

President Buhari, who has savored schedule and high priced overseas well being holidays at the cost of the Nigerian taxpayer, has unhappy thousands and thousands of everyday Nigerians who had hoped that his campaign for “change” in 2015 would spawn a federal government that would consider the social sector – especially health and instruction – individually for the reason that it has direct impact on the life of the folks.