March 26, 2023

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World Glaucoma Day 2023: Who is at more risk?

World Glaucoma Day 2023: Who is at more risk?

The optic nerve, which is essential for good vision as it transmits visual details from the eye to the brain, can be impaired by a group of eye problems regarded as glaucoma. Though glaucoma can occur even with normal eye strain, damage to the optic nerve is frequently linked with higher eye stress. It is a main result in of irreversible blindness in India, and everybody is vulnerable to the illness.

So, who does it have an impact on and who is a lot more at possibility? Here’s your tutorial to comprehending far more about the eye condition this Planet Glaucoma Day observed annually on March 12.

Who is at risk?

When glaucoma can occur at any age, it generally affects folks over and above 40 a long time, stated Dr Reena Choudhry, COO and Health care Director, HoD, Glaucoma Division, ICARE Eye Medical center, Sector 26, Noida. “People who are higher myopes, diabetics, have a historical past of eye trauma, a loved ones historical past of glaucoma, or have been getting corticosteroid medications for a prolonged time are at a greater hazard of developing the situation. However, this ailment is not right associated with socio-financial position, while its state-of-the-art form may perhaps be widespread in folks with lesser access to healthcare facilities,” claimed Dr Choudhry.

Youthful persons are also at possibility soon after an eye injury like from a ball, if they choose steroids for allergy, if they have a constructive family background, or acquire anti-migraine treatment like Topiramide, claimed Dr Meenakshi Yadav Dhar, Head of, Department of Ophthalmology, Amrita Medical center, Faridabad.

Though anybody can be affected by glaucoma, specified people today are at larger hazard and should really get their eyes checked at the time in a calendar year, according to Dr Shalini Shetty, Senior Advisor Ophthalmologist, Apollo Hospitals, Bengaluru.

*People today earlier mentioned 40 several years
*African and Asians
*People today with a loved ones background of glaucoma
*Any earlier background of eye damage
*People with close to-sightedness or myopia
*Sufferers with systemic situations like diabetic issues, hypertension, migraines
*Clients on steroids

Signals and signs

Glaucoma is termed the ‘silent thief of vision’ as in the beginning, individuals may possibly not have any symptoms. “The damage which has transpired simply cannot be reversed, so it’s really essential to get your eyes checked consistently and if identified follow the treatment method presented by your eye medical professional. If not dealt with, glaucoma can direct to blindness,” claimed Dr Shetty of Apollo Hospitals, Bengaluru.

“Some types of glaucoma are associated with gentle eye ache, complications, and rainbow-colored circles all over lights,” claimed ICARE Eye Hospital’s Dr Choudhry.

Other danger aspects contain diabetic issues, migraine, thyroid eye disorder with bulging eyes, and African ancestry. Acute blood reduction and sudden very low blood stress are probably to trigger destruction comparable to glaucoma.

The danger of glaucoma improves with the consumption of steroids no matter if as regional eye treatment in the form of drops, injections in and close to the eye or systemic steroids, claimed Amrita Hospital’s Dr Dhar.

Can lousy slumber indicate glaucoma danger? (Resource: Getty Photographs/Thinkstock)


An eye examination is a have to if you have to transform your eyeglasses routinely or see rainbow-coloured rings about brilliant gentle, instructed Dr Dhar. A finish eye examination must involve IOP measurement, gonioscopy and Optic nerve head exam, adopted by visible fields and OCT if indicated, she included.


In some cases, cure for glaucoma might require drugs, laser therapy, or surgical treatment. Dr Jayapal Reddy, Senior Ophthalmologist, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad, reported the objective of remedy is to cut down pressure in just the eye and stop even further destruction to the optic nerve.


Glaucoma are not able to be prevented but it’s pretty crucial to detect it early prior to any hurt to the nerve or vision.

As a rule, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a thorough eye examination each 5 to 10 yrs if you are below 40 decades old, each individual 2 to 4 years if you are 40 to 54 several years outdated, each 1 to 3 many years if you are 55 to 64 decades old, and each individual 1 to 2 yrs if you are more mature than 65 yrs.

By following this guideline, one can improve the probabilities of early prognosis and prevention of glaucoma.

Dr Shetty says:

– Common eye examination is obligatory
– Healthier way of living and workout routines also assistance
– Hold your sugar amounts and blood tension below management
– Prevent using tobacco
– Have on eye security if at chance of eye damage all through perform, or actively playing sports

Glaucoma is a critical problem that can lead to long term eyesight loss if left untreated, specialists say. Understanding the chance components and taking preventative actions, these as typical eye exams and protective eyewear, can assistance men and women lessen their hazard of developing the issue.

If you have any problems about your eye health and fitness or the hazard of glaucoma, speak to your eye doctor to identify the finest program of action.

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