June 21, 2024

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Doja Cat’s ‘Woman’ Is Now an Interactive Music Video with a Codable Experience to Learn About Programming

Doja Cat Woman Interactive Music Video to Teach about Programming
(Photo : Girls Who Code)

Doja Cat’s music video for “Woman” is turned into an interactive experience that focuses on computer code where people can learn about programming as they go on to direct the next scenes, and more. The project was introduced by an organization known as “Girls Who Code,” and its main advocacy is to teach girls about programming and introduce the discipline to them for their future careers.

Doja Cat’s ‘Woman’ Is Now an Interactive Music Video with a Codable Experience

According to a release by Girls Who Code via Twitter, a new interactive platform that utilizes the “Woman” music video by popular American rapper, singer, and songwriter, Doja Cat. The experience would take a person to “coding,” the known process of executing computer commands and programming to make applications and other forms of programs executable or working.


Here, people will learn about computer programming whilst tuning into the beat of one of the most popular songs from the album, “Planet Her.” The interactive music video is a codable experience, where people will execute computer codes to turn this into that, changing some elements in the visuals and audio where one can learn and practice.

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Girls Who Code: Teaching Women about Programming via Doja Cat

The experience is available via “dojacode.com” and it is free for everyone to use and utilize to learn about programming and the like.

However, the main goal of Girls Who Code is to teach women the ins and outs of computer programming, hoping to invite people into learning or taking up this discipline soon. The non-profit organization aims to spread the awareness of computer programming, showing another side to it with a hint of creativity.

Pop Culture and Computer Programming

Pop culture (popular) has been a massive entity in the mass media in the world today, focusing on viral memes and viral TikTok challenges where people get into and join the craze.

On the other hand, computer programming is not that famous in the real world, as people that get into it are known for their expertise and interest in the world of computers and technology.

However, like all things, it can be learned and practiced as early as now for the future and its improvement, hence creating more opportunities for the discipline for all that aspires to be a programmer. The development by Girls Who Code is a popular example of the opportunities made for women, but also for anyone that wishes to know more about programming.

The many opportunities waiting is massive, and the development of technology has made it possible to debut these kinds of availability in the market, where people can have more options to choose from. The online availability of these options to learn from and decide one’s career is a great contribution to those that are still confused or those that want a change of careers.

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