November 29, 2023

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Half of older women have hair loss, study finds

Half of older women have hair loss, study finds

Menopause isn’t just about warm flashes and night time sweats. Extra than 50 {6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161} of women above age 50 will expertise thinning hair, a new research showed. The result can be a blow to their self-esteem.

Thai scientists, scrutinizing the scalps of approximately 200 postmenopausal ladies, uncovered that 52.2{6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161} experienced some hair thinning, a issue termed woman pattern hair reduction, according to a report revealed Wednesday in Menopause. Very low self-esteem was identified in 60{6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161} of members and amplified with severity of hair reduction.

Scientists, led by Dr. Sukanya Chaikittisilpa of Chulalongkorn College in Bangkok, recruited 178 ladies who ended up by now being noticed at a menopause clinic. They calculated the women’s hormone stages, as well as the density of hair in the middle of the scalp, where female sample hair decline generally starts.

The researchers, who could not be attained for remark, observed that among the those people with hair reduction, 73.2{6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161} experienced gentle hair loss, 22.6{6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161} had reasonable decline and 4.3{6f90f2fe98827f97fd05e0011472e53c8890931f9d0d5714295052b72b9b5161} experienced critical reduction. In addition to age, a better overall body mass index was affiliated with an improved prevalence and worsening of the situation.

Though it’s unclear particularly why menopausal women’s hair begins to slim, the new exploration proposed declining estrogen amounts.

“Estrogen receptors are current in the hair follicles, which hints at its association with the withdrawal of estrogen at menopause that might impact hair expansion,” the researchers wrote. Other hormonal improvements could impact scalp hair and accelerate the improve from the expansion stage to the resting period of hair development.

Even though thinning hair in an growing older person has been “normalized,” number of gals are ready for it, claimed Dr. Mary Rosser, director of built-in women’s wellness at the Columbia University Irving Health-related Centre in New York. Mothers rarely, if at any time, communicate to their daughters about menopause indicators, so, for numerous, menopause-similar hair thinning can be a shock, mentioned Rosser, who sends her clients with hair decline to a skin doctor.

Hair loss in women of all ages might be traced to a number of aspects, of which menopause may be a person, explained Dr. Emma Guttman, chair of dermatology for the Mount Sinai Health and fitness Technique.

“There are lots of leads to of hair decline — these as autoimmune conditions and challenges with the immune process,” Guttman claimed. “But the hopeful issue is, there are solutions for some of them.”

Hair reduction in ladies can arise if particular nutrients are as well reduced, these as iron, folic acid and vitamin B, Guttman stated. Also, thyroid difficulties can lead to thinning hair.

Even if women cannot grow back the hair they’ve already missing, there are powerful means to sustain what’s left, these kinds of as injections of vitamin B complicated, biotin nutritional supplements and platelet-rich plasma injections, Guttman claimed.

“Hair decline is a massive desire of mine for the reason that, as a girl, I experience that hair is so essential for id,” Guttman explained, incorporating that it is critical to check out with a medical medical doctor prior to making an attempt any solutions.

Some girls are in a position to see advancements in hair density by employing minoxidil, while improvements can disappear if the hair-advancement products is discontinued, Guttman claimed. Minoxidil is the only drug permitted by the Food and Drug Administration for female pattern hair loss.


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