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Miley Cyrus’s Workout Routine in the “Flowers” Music Video

Miley Cyrus’s Workout Routine in the “Flowers” Music Video

There’s been tons of excitement all-around Miley Cyrus’s hottest one and tunes online video “Flowers.” The online is swirling with theories about regardless of whether or not it is a reaction to Bruno Mars’s “When I Was Your Male” or targeting her ex-spouse Liam Hemsworth. We adore a superior easter egg, but could not assistance but observe that TikTok has also latched on to the video for another motive: Cyrus is generally naked for fifty percent the video clip, and it has TikTokers asking for her health and fitness program.

Nicely, Cyrus gives us a glimpse it correct in the “Flowers” video clip alone. Though she’s singing about the empowering realization that it truly is less complicated to enjoy your self properly than to count on a person else to, she’s banging out rather the poolside exercise session. She disguises some arduous exercises as dance moves (it works) and gives us a really superior taste of what she will get up to in the fitness center. Some TikTokers are certain that it truly is essentially Hemsworth’s exercise routine, and the point that Cyrus is breezing by it is another dig at her ex.

No matter if the work out is really Cyrus’s, Hemsworth’s, or a little something else entirely, just one thing’s for sure: It appears to be like challenging as hell. . . and we want to try out it.

Soon after a rapid swim, Cyrus powers by way of a series of six moves utilizing her bodyweight, a pair of thin struggle ropes, and some type of resistance band setup. “This workout includes multi-joint, comprehensive-system movements covering various bases: you will target on your toughness, get in some cardio, and enrich your main stabilization,” states Andrew Slane, a athletics conditioning expert and instructor at Fiture.

Want to give Cyrus’s (Hemsworth’s?!) workout regime from “Bouquets” a test by yourself. We have all the specifics you want, including modifications if you don’t have any gear or want to make it minimal-impact. A word of warning, though: Cyrus is fundamentally a professional at singing when sweating, and she makes it glance way simpler than it in fact is. Try out it if you dare, and do not be worried to modify.

Miley Cyrus’s Workout Program From “Flowers”

Machines desired: struggle ropes or a long resistance band with handles, anchored to the flooring

Instructions: Right after a swift warmup, total each of the exercise routines beneath for 30 seconds with a 10-2nd rest in amongst moves. Repeat two or three instances full. Interesting down with this 10-minute stretching schedule.

Battle Rope Alternating Wave

If you never have possibly struggle ropes or a resistance band, go forward do the exact same alternating waves movement without the ropes like this TikToker demos — you’ll even now experience it in your biceps.

  • Holding a battle rope (or opposite finishes of a resistance band) in each and every hand, stand with your feet hip-width aside, knees bent, and core engaged. You should be significantly adequate absent that the fight ropes are stretched all the way out with no a lot slack, or the resistance band is taut.
  • Protecting that athletic posture, alternate lifting each arm up about 6 inches and then decrease it back again down so that you produce waves with every single rope.

Crawl to Spiderman Force Up

This transfer is a power problem for the upper entire body and core, Slane claims. Cyrus does this shift making use of an anchored resistance band, but you can get all the positive aspects of carrying out it with just your bodyweight. It truly is a tough go, so modify by eradicating the press-up if necessary.

  • Commence in a significant plank placement.
  • Step your proper hand and left foot ahead about six inches, so your arms and legs are staggered and your remaining knee is exterior of your remaining hip. Do a press-up.
  • Phase your proper hand and left foot back again to plank.
  • Repeat on the opposite facet, stepping the remaining hand and correct foot ahead.

Glute Bridge

Cyrus does these although gyrating her hips, but you can stick to the vintage variation of a glute bridge, or up the ante by elevating your heels. (However if you want to get funky with it, by all usually means.) The glute bridges “isolate strength and are a terrific way to work your posterior chain,” suggests Slane.

  • Lie face-up on the flooring with your knees bent and toes flat on the ground.
  • Thrust into your ft to carry your hips off the floor, pausing when your system kinds a straight line from knees to shoulders.
  • Reduce your hips to hover just off the floor. Which is just one rep.

Lunge to Knee Travel

Cyrus does this lunge to knee drive shift making use of an anchored resistance band, but it truly is just as strong with your bodyweight only. The move is a blend of cardio blended with reduce entire body toughness.

  • Commence standing with your feet hip-width aside.
  • Action your correct foot back again into a reverse lunge, lowering right until your entrance thigh is parallel to the flooring (or as very low as is at ease for you).
  • Push off the suitable foot to harmony on your still left leg, driving your suitable knee up to your upper body.
  • To make it more difficult, hop a handful of inches off the flooring on your standing leg when you do the knee push, taking treatment to land softly with your standing knee bent.
  • Repeat this move on one leg for 30 seconds, then relaxation for 10 seconds. Then repeat on the opposite facet.

Beast Burpee

Make burpees even more durable (of course, it really is achievable) by lurching ahead on to your hands instead of jumping your feet backward into a plank.

  • Start out standing with your ft hip-width apart.
  • Bend your knees to decrease into a squat, then plant your fingers on the ground to arrive into a bear plank position, with knees bent but hovering off the ground. Straight away decreased into a press-up.
  • Press back up to a bear plank and press off your hands to stand, then jump off the flooring, extending your arms by your sides.
  • Land softly and straight away start the next rep.


Chicken-Canine is a very simple yoga move which is excellent for developing main toughness and security.

  • Start on all fours in a tabletop position. Uncover a neutral spine with your neck extensive, back again flat, and main engaged.
  • Prolong your correct arm ahead at shoulder height when at the same time extending your left leg again at hip peak, knee pointed down. Try not to enable your back arch or hips rotate. Hold for one breath.
  • Slowly return to the starting position, then repeat on the opposite aspect.